From one small thought

to one

giant leap

in data center technology

All the technological achievements in history have been made in the same way – thinking differently than others. For a long time the crew of HyCom Core has been thinking, inventing and moving forward – and now we are proud to present You a groundbreaking solution for future data transfer.

Updating the outdated

Let’s face it – data transfer technology used even while you are reading this is undeniably old. Information is the fastest growing factor of production in the world and we are living in an age where requirements for faster data are more and more present. In the last couple of years data usage growth has risen on different areas from 30% (e.g. security) to 300% (e.g. shopping/delivery) to 2000% (e.g. web learning).

Data center transceivers require stable °C/°F to function, which takes a huge amount of energy to upkeep. Network overheats easily and cooling systems take most of the space in absolutely massive data centers. Expenses both financially and environmentally are off the scale.

- UCOT -

When substitution is the solution

HyCom Core has found a solution which revolutionises data centers and data transfer technology. The future of data transfer is UCOT – Ultra-Compact Optical Transceiver. It rises from industrial experimentation and is truly an exceptional invention – a cutting edge R&D on emerging thin-film lithium niobate waveguide technology.

When substituting the present transceiver technology with UCOT we can tackle all the problems at once. With our invention we can promise a future with more eco-friendly data centers with more effective cooling and much less space taken.

With HyCom Core solution – UCOT – we will achieve:


x faster data transfer


x smaller transceivers


x less transceiver energy consumed

In other terms, we can promise greener, cheaper and more compact solution. Interested, anyone?

Think a while…

Possibilities for this kind of invention are almost limitless. Imagine a very small chip which enables data modulation simultaneously at several wavelengths. Now add the fact that it can operate even at cryogenic temperatures to support the operation of quantum computers.

Think, invent and move forward

Our expertise and experience has brought us to the point where we are finally able to unveil our dreams about changing the world and having an impact to the whole information industry as a unique, efficient and high-performing piece of technology. This is UCOT and we are HyCom Core – welcome to our future.

Contact information

In case of interest, please contact:

Pauli Turunen